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RBC Services, a Division of McNish Corporation

RBCWe know the ABCs of RBCs.... and the XYZs as well.  The personnel at RBC Services have been working closely with the rotating biological contactor process almost since its introduction to the U.S. 25 years ago.  It's an excellent process, but it had learning curve problems in the beginning.  At RBC Services, Division of McNish Corporation, we've worked to solve those problems at more than 400 wastewater treatment plants in ten countries.  If you should have problems with your RBCs, whether they are mechanical in nature or process related, it's a good bet we've seen it before... and solved it before.  No one knows RBCs like we do. 

Full range of services

RBC Services, a Division of McNish Corporation provides current RBC maintenance training programs, operational support,  a full range of  mechanical inspections, full plant analysis and evaluation, upgrade/expansion services, and quality replacement parts.  In short, we can help you:

  • Maintain the integrity of your equipment
  • Improve your RBC's efficiency
  • Maximize effluent quality
  • Reduce upgrade or expansion costs

For more information, please visit www.rbcservicesinc.com.


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